Clemens Lutsch

User Requirements – Prioritization and Weighting as a core strategy in UX

Key Learnings

  • Understand the definition of user requirements according to ISO & IEC
  • Learn to identify a method for stakeholders and their roles in requirements
  • Learn to set up a decision matrix for requirement prioritization and vectors for weighting

It’s not an uncommon situation: Someone states, that a special feature or capability is needed in the system – but no one really knows where this is coming from, or even how important this request is. Even worse, often someone simply states “our users need that” and adds even more confusion by providing ‘very helpful’ sketches, examples or ideas, how this should look like in the end, incl. performance indicators, thank you!

But there is a way to counter this stalemate, to push aside situations where arguments are won by people proclaiming “I know our users”: By applying core principles of requirements management and by recognizing user requirements as such. In the result, we are able to work with user requirements just like we do with other requirements. Undoubtedly, there are some tiny little twists – The ownership is different and user requirements can of course contradict other requirements (eg. business requirements or product requirements).

The session outlines the means we can employ to infuse user requirement into the holistic system, service or product requirements, as well as overall strategical organization requirements. In addition, it provides a model to apply vectors pointing to the significance of those requirements, resulting in empowerment to make decisions based on traceable criteria instead of whoever shouts loudest.

Date: Wednesday, October 16th
Time: 15:15 - 16:00
Location: Hall 11


Clemens Lutsch

Head of UX Strategy, Centigrade GmbH

Clemens Lutsch is Head of UX Strategy and Branch Manager Munich Office at Centigrade GmbH. He started working in the Usability / User Experience field in 1994 on projects in construction software, finance, insurance, and healthcare.
After working in Digital Agencies, Siemens and Microsoft, he joined Centigrade in 2016. Clemens manages and develops the area of strategic User Experience enterprise customers, an area that embraces new approaches in innovation management, organization development and the integration of human-centered design in corporate culture.
The industrial anthropologist and trainer is an accredited expert at DIN and ISO, working on a number of international standards in User Experience and Usability, recently as editor of ISO 9241 — Part 161: Guidance on visual user-interface elements. For two years, Clemens Lutsch was an acting board member of the GermanUPA. He is a member of the Certification Counsel at Fraunhofer Institute.

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