Ben Anyasodo

A UX Strategy that works: exploring the components of a good UX strategy in private and public sectors

Key Learnings

  • Understand how UX strategy compares & contrasts between public and private sectors
  • Identify the key elements of a unique UX strategy that is tranferable cross-sector
  • Explore what the actual differences might be between a "workable" UX strategy and a "good" UX strategy in both sectors and how these are approached.


Technology decision-making and adapting to change happen both in the public and private sectors, but at completely different paces, driven by different factors. With the continued move to digital solutions, more and more public services are leaning towards more user-centered design and UX best practices. But what drives this move?

When the phrase “User-centred design” is mentioned, quite commonly, ideas like shiny new tech, mobile apps, digital adventures spring to mind! To a UX designer, there might also be the added imagery of the tech in the hands of users.

The part that doesn’t quite easily spring to mind is the underlying strategy that delivers any form of user experience.
  • So whereas User Experience (UX) might well be associated with the Techs, ever wondered what it might mean for a non-tech organization – specifically in the public sector?
  • While digital solutions in the private sector might be heavily driven by competitive advantage as well as regulations, what are the factors that would drive the same in the public sector?
  • What strategy delivers a holistic and effective user experience in both cases?

These questions and more are explored in this presentation.

Date: Wednesday, October 16th
Time: 11:15 - 12:00
Location: Hall 2


Ben Anyasodo

Ben is a multidisciplinary Research Consultant, specialized in the psychological aspects of design. With core experience in Human-Machine Interaction, User-Centred Design and Cognitive Ergonomics, Ben enjoys incorporating these elements into developing rounded UX/UCD Strategies which deliver optimum user experience.

Ben currently consults for the UK Government in Digital Delivery User Research, as part of the Making Tax Digital programme. Prior to this, Ben worked as a Specialist Researcher in the Human-Machine Interface Group at Jaguar Land Rover as a Research Specialist leading different technology research workstreams in Driver Vehicle Interactions, Technologies and Simulations, and having led many Digital Technology Strategy Projects in the Global Dealer Operations space previously.

He is very passionate about incorporating UCD in both simple and complex end-to-end technology contexts. His recent Ted talk explored the future of the real position of the user in digital system design.

Outside of work, Ben is an NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist. He is also a passionate Classical Musician.

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