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Acquire knowledge that assures proficiency in definitions and background about human perception, hci and software-ergonomics.

Should innovation really be your top priority? Do you have what you need to innovate? Are you UX designers in a position to innovate? What do we even mean by innovation? This talk will tackle many of these questions and discuss when and how to innovate, and what innovation means in the fast-paced world of […]

  • Learn about the impact that UX could have on a company’s strategy.
  • Learn about specific examples how companies are using UX as a major lever for their strategy.
  • Learn about how to communicate the benefits of UX to a company’s top-level management.
  • Identify risky psychological incomprehension within a team or group
  • Introduce psychological basics on the job without explicitly teaching them
  • Catch the attention and interest of developers and stakeholders on psychological UX issues
  • Make feedback a gift and nothing to be afraid of
  • Learn how arguing towards objectives is crucial
  • Create an environment where a professional critique can happen
  • Discussing design is a skill we need to practice, practice and practice
  • Identify different kind of initiatives for growing design craftsmanship
  • Identify and list their company and leadership’s goals → What the executives care about
  • Examine their own UX projects and match them to company goals → Why their projects matter to the business
  • Determine the right UX metrics that map to company goals and prepare to measure for results → What metrics UX show business results and how to measure
  • Communicate the impact of their work in a way that shows clear results → Share the results
  • Learn about creating a user research strategy
  • Develop an understanding of how to frame research objectives and map them to right methodology
  • Understand how to evolve a metrics-driven research strategy
  • Explore best practices for executing your research blueprint
  • Explore workable approaches for stakeholder buy-in/engagement throughout the process
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