Björn Ganslandt

The UX & Developer Mindeset and how to create something great together

Developing Websites with great UX
This hands-on course will teach you how to program websites that are a joy to use. Because great
UX is always a team effort that involves developers as much as designers.
We will practice creating websites that feel fast and fresh with the help of animations and modern
layouts. And we’ll work on ways to use these tools as a team in which developers and designers
work together from start to finish.

Who is this for
This workshop is for developers who want to build websites that look and feel great. It’s also for
designers and UX professionals who want to improve communication with their developer
colleagues by understanding the limitations and possibilities of the web platform.

What will you learn
In this workshop we will cover the following topics

  • How to collaborate and communicate between developers and designers
  • Creating fast and beautiful animations on the web
  • Improving UX with better performance
  • Accessibility: Creating websites that work for everyone
  • How will new features such as CSS Grid and Variables improve UX in the future

Will there be programming involved
Yes, we will write code. But if you don’t feel secure in your coding abilities don’t worry: All exercises
will be worked on in pairs of two, so you can work together with a more experienced developer. In
the end, this workshop is about communication as much as it is about code – so pair programming
will benefit everyone.

Date: Tuesday, October 20th
Time: 08:30 -
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Björn Ganslandt

Frontend Developer , Freelance

I’m a freelance frontend developer based in Vienna. I love creating websites that are fast, beautiful
and accessible and have been doing so since the late 90s.
I believe that magic happens where UX, Design and Development meet. That’s why I try to work in all
of these areas and their intersections: I hold a PhD in Design Theory and have been working as an
editorial designer for several years. I worked as a UX consultant and taught Usability at the University
of Gießen. But in the end, I gravitate to the technical side of things and was fortunate enough to
contribute code to the frontends of companies such as Otto, Eventim, Peek & Cloppenburg, Lotto24,
Jumio, and ElitePartner.