Sean McGuire

Billboard Design Thinking: Hot to combining the power of marketing and Design Thinking

Key Learnings

  • Apply marketing techniques as part of your workshop design to sell ideas to management
  • A new exiting approach to strengthen your workshop moderation skills
  • Learn why a strict plan will unleash the full creative potential in a Design Thinking workshop

I often hear designers complaining that: “Managers neglect and don’t understand the value of design!” Which certainly is true but it’s also true that most designers don’t understand the basics on how to manage and justify investments and have no clue how to create a solid business case.

I’m convinced each Design Thinking Workshop is and should be a business conversation. Billboard Design Thinking ties together two disciplines using Design Thinking techniques to find new ideas and then applying common sense and marketing strategies to convey the businesss value to decision makers.

It’s a simple, yet powerful combination that served me well in 400+ Design Thinking workshop I have conducted all around the world including Australia, Asia, Europe and North  and South America.

I have travelled the globe and tried this method in multiple cultural settings, and it makes no difference if you deliver your workshop in the Middle east, India, Europe or South America.

The combination of marketing and design thinking will always create a compelling result and increase your chance of converting the workshop ideas into real projects by not only finding new ideas but also ncovering information you need to create a solid business case when the workshop is over.

If you are tired of deliver fantastic workshops and then seeing, how despite all the good ideas, you don’t get the buy-in and funding required to bring those ideas to live Billboard Design Thinking could be the approach that will inspire you to shift your focus from creating cool ideas only to creating cool ideas and uncovering the businesss potential as part of your workshop delivery.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 09:30 - 12:15
Location: HALL 3 & 4


Sean McGuire

UX Architect, Microsoft

I’m a passionate Design Thinker and I believe well-executed Design Thinking workshops bring tremendous value to projects and Organizations.


This means planning, preparation and follow-up. The point most people miss is that the value creation does not occur in the workshop but after the workshop when consultants and domain experts craft new and better solutions. The workshop is only the input the interesting work comes after the workshop is complete.

My book “Billboard Design Thinking Moderator Training” is available in Lindell. E-book shop.

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