Anudeep Ayyagari

The Non Textbook Approach to learning software tools

Key Learnings

  • Understanding relavence in learning: Many tools offer a lot, but what to learn which will really help solve the problems we have is very important and saves a lot of time.
  • Speed of learning any new tool when there is already a lot of work at hand.
  • Getting started right from day one.


Learning a software tool, usually is considered as a very time taking process and that which requires a lot of effort. But it need not be. The real problem, is with approach to learn anything which is taught right from school time. ‘The regular textbook approach.’ Let’s say a software tool has 200 features, one starts learning it from feature 1, feature 2 then feature 3 and so on.

This takes a lot of time– a lot!

You can never get started using the tool because you always have n number of features to learn.

Presenting the ‘Non Textbook Approach to Learning’ – A step by step approach which will change the way you learn tools forever!

  1. Do not open the tool. Get a paper and pencil.
  2. Directly start with a small problem statement. You need not know even a bit of the tool.
  3. Wear the software creator’s shoes and write down what features you would put in to solve the above problem.
  4. The actual creators of the software also thought in a similar way and have already provided a feature in the tool. Now is to go and find it out.
  5. Get feedback from experts on the above and iterate.
  6. Take a bigger problem and repeat everything In this way, you will learn much faster, remember what you have learnt for a long time and you get started right from day one.

You are always learning, but you are always a pro.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 09:30 - 11:15


Anudeep Ayyagari

UX Designer, Amazon

I am a UX Designer at Amazon Pay India. I have been responsible for creating end to end experiences of several booking and payment categories at Amazon India. My profile:

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