Phil Gosch, Katrin Höllebauer

usARbility – how to create unforgettable AR experiences

Key Learnings

  • You will get an overview of current possibilities and approaches regarding usability AR,
  • You will get a basic understanding of what could and what definitely doesn’t work well in AR
  • You will get an inspiration on how to think out of the box and tackle UX challenges in this field. 

Augmented Reality is an emerging and completely unique field to operate in. How do you deal with usability in an area with no established standards yet? How to manage the intersection of 2D and 3D concepts that apply here? What are good ways to educate users who’ve never experienced AR before? 

In this masterclass we’re going to look at good and bad UI/UX examples within the AR landscape as well as giving advice based on our own years long experience on working with AR.

Date: Thursday, October 22nd
Time: 09:30 - 12:00

Phil Gosch

Lead Developer, Codeflügel

Phil Gosch is a lead technical artist & senior software engineer based in Graz. He’s specializing in app development/computer graphics with a healthy interest in new media like Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). While working as designer and indiedev at night, his dayjob is at Graz based company CodeFluegel ( ), where he’s working on AR/VR/AI focused projects. Nearly all of his free time is spent creating artworks, programming on tools and side projects or learning new techniques and software. He’s also an active contributor to the local gamedev scene and helping organizing events, gamejams or conferences.

Katrin Höllebauer

UI/UX designer, CodeFlügel

Katrin Höllebauer is a software developer and Ui/Ux designer at CodeFlügel. From her passion for cooking, she knows that it’s all about combining details in such a way that a good feeling is created in people’s belly. This is why she combines her knowledge of technology and design to get the best of both. The product of her work is a software that provides a positive experience and gives pleasure to the user. Because she knows that there is still a lot of potential in the area of creating a user-friendly experience, she likes to educate herself and exchange ideas with other interested parties

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