Sabina Krishna

Design Declutter: Taming Data

Key Learnings

  • Creating tools for declutter.
  • How to achieve UX Yoga.
  • Learn to organise Data/information at any scale.
  • Practical hands on examples like decluttering personal spaces.
  • Applicable strategies of Design Ops.

Information overload, services overload and overall data overload is continuously taking over everything around us. In this age of AI and automation “effective Decluttering ” is of paramount importance. Join Sabina, an internationally acclaimed expert in executing Design Ops, small to large scale multi country project executions for over two decades and learn to effectively and practically apply the essence of “Declutter “, from personal to organisation wide effectiveness. Sabina has taught masterclasses and jointly run successful workshops across the world. Her classes are loved by all attendees for its practical examples.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 09:30 - 10:15


Sabina Krishna

Director Human Centred Design, Human Factors Research & Design

Strategic leader and HCD-UX specialist having played various roles as head of multi-millions turnkey global projects across industries, technology, domains and a wide business environments.

  • Spearheading business strategies, planning, budgeting, customer & consumer relations/retention, global liaisons with organizations, institutions and domain experts.
  • Has been instrumental in direct revenue generation
  • Very well versed with EMEA, APAC and US markets.
  • Developed comprehensive project plans and its execution.
  • In-depth understanding of HCD-UX processes and methodologies
  • Additionally, specializing in audits, research, trend analysis, Geo-cultural mapping for product & solutions.
  • Specialized in building teams, training and establishing a ROI driven practical HCD-UX organisation and culture

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