András Rung

The cash experience

Key Learnings

  • Fully understand the original physical context as you move to digital.
  • Recognise the biggest challenges to digitalising payments from the human perspective.
  • Figure out how digital payments serve end users and businesses alike.

This talk focuses on the exploration of the end users’ perceived advantages of using physical cash. The digitalisation of payment processes is getting faster than ever, partially due to COVID-19. Some countries like the Netherlands are more advanced, while others like Croatia are behind in this process. Will we ever reach a time when 100% of payments are digital? And does it really benefit everyone except tax-dodgers and criminals?

We will look at the processes and life situations when using cash feels safer or more fun/practical than using any kind of digital payment solution, be it money, crypto transfer, or QR payment backed by banks, blockchain systems, or central bank digital currency (CBCD). Why do people with access to digital solutions still use cash? Are there any groups that can’t use digital solutions because they don’t have access to them? Perhaps people who are blind, underage, or illiterate?

Until we fully understand what motivates people to stick with cash, we will never complete our mission to run all payments on green, quick, easy-to-follow, controlled digital solutions.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 10:30 - 11:15
Location: HALL 1a


András Rung

CEO, Founder, Voice Strategist, Ergomania Digital Product Design

A veteran of financial User Experience (UX) with 20 years in the business focusing on business needs and innovation, András Rung has worked for various banks, institutions, and Fintech companies since 2002. He is the co-author of the first Hungarian UX book and author of the usability blog Ergomania. He founded the Ergomania Product Design Agency and obtained his PhD in linguistics backed with AI in 2012. He is currently focusing on voice technologies and finance-related innovation.

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