Sascha Wolter

Bad Bots – Digital Twin thinking for AI and voice

Key Learnings

  • This session explains typical Pitfalls of Chat- and Voice Bots
  • This session shows challenges and opportunities of Conversational AI
  • This session teaches helpful Building Blocks for better Conversational Experiences
  • This session demonstrates the power of Conversation Design to tackle technical issues
  • This session introduces Digital Twin thinking as a new approach to AI based projects

According to the media world-dominating computers like Skynet (Terminator) are imminent. This is in gross contrast to popular use cases: For instance, almost no one seems to ask their Alexa for more than the weather or bad jokes. And four of the five most successful Alexa Skills produce just fart noises. And even those who see technological progress as a chance often have a completely wrong expectation of chatbots and voice assistants. It is not uncommon to assume that the AI will automatically take care of everything and success will happen all by itself. Sascha explains why this often fails. And he shows how to design convincing Conversational Experiences beyond fart skills using Digital Twin thinking.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 11:30 - 12:15
Location: HALL 1b


Sascha Wolter

Chief Advisor (UX/Conversational AI), DB Systel GmbH

Sascha Wolter is a professional developer and user experience enthusiast. His true passion is to improve the human-computer interaction: He loves to build conversational and multimodal experiences with text (chatbots) and voice (aka Alexa). He works as a consultant, trainer, lecturer, speaker, and author. He published numerous books and video trainings, for instance a Conversation Design course at the Cognigy Academy and a Conversational AI training for LinkedIn Learning.

He is Chief Advisor (UX/Conversational AI) at DB Systel (Deutsche Bahn) and board member of the Usability & User Experience working group at the federal association BITKOM. Prior to that he worked as Senior UX Consultant and Principal Technology Evangelist at Cognigy, as Senior Technology Evangelist for Alexa at Amazon, as Senior Developer Evangelist at Deutsche Telekom (e.g. Smart Home), and as freelancer.

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