Monika Khanna

Balance between Data and UX

Key Learnings

  • How to measure effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction?
  • Practical examples showing data improved conversion rates.
  • What is Data driven UX?

Data is very important for designing any system using iteractive process. Only qualitative methods like surveys, interviews, personas, storyboarding won’t help. We think we observe something objectively, but in fact, we might be just seeing what we want to see.

As the Yale psychology professor Paul Bloom says:

People are often highly confident in their ability to see things as others do, but their attempts are typically barely better than chance.

With analytics that focus on measuring user behaviour and UX, it becomes even more doable to analyze the user journey.

Insights and quantitative data gives you an alarm (what is happening) about the areas you need to discover through your qualitative research(why it is happening). It helps in telling which problems are worth solving.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 11:30 - 12:15


Monika Khanna

Associate Design Director, IBM

I’m an empathetic problem solver which has made me a go getter for cracking complex problems for brands like Magicbricks, Mahindra Comviva, Extramarks, Hewett Packard, Honeywell and many more.
Versatile experience in User Experience Design, Team Management, Client handling and Leading Projects from end to end delivery that result in Customer Delight.
With supervisory as well as hands-on expertise in user research, usability analysis, need analysis, project planning, resource management, information architecture, wireframing, prototypes and execution of short to long-term projects, managed and delivered interactive solutions for national & international projects in Information Technology, real estate, E-commerce and Education industry domains.
My unique experience is in working directly with CEOs, Executive level leadership, and Investors.
I analyze users perceptions, mental models, emotions, behaviors, needs and create a psychological branded experience and environment.

I create design flows/systems for products to generate better business and become market leaders.
I help design and implement existing/emerging data platforms as per users/customers needs and desires. Leveraging data to create intelligent predictive digital products that meet users/consumers needs.

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