Peter Gregersen

Insights, data and research – Decision making in design

Key Learnings

  • Know the difference between rational and intuitive decision making
  • The designer’s role in taking design decisions
  • Practical examples on how to drive insights and data – and a discussion on how to react to it

As an UX professional you may have learned the hard way that user research is expensive and inconvenient and the first thing to be skipped. But you shouldn’t give up.
This talk will unfold the difference between rational and intuitive decision making in design and address how to cater for your key stakeholders and decision makers (SPOILER ALERT: rational decisions might not play as big a role as you might think).
You will also get a set of very practical examples on how MobilePay, the leading Nordic mobile payment solution, is taking design decision on the basis of insights and data from an entire population.

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 13:15 - 14:00
Location: HALL 1b


Peter Gregersen

Chief UX Designer, Mobile Pay

Peter Gregersen is a Danish UX Designer. He has conceptualized and designed mobile banking products since 2007, including award winning Danske Mobilbank (Denmark’s first native mobile bank) and MobilePay (the largest Nordic mobile payment solution).

Currently, he is working on strategic projects and concepts for MobilePay and it’s 4 million Nordic users.

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