Panagiotis Zaharias, Stefanos Zafeiropoulos

The importance of Words. How does the language you think in affects your UX.

Key Learnings

  • How to choose the most engaging words.
  • The value of real conversation with the user.
  • How to use correct punctuation when writing for a product.

“Language is not just the code we use to communicate. It’s the way we train our brain how to think. How does the use of a single language affect the creation of UX from strategy to design? Our language actually determines our understanding of everything, including data and analysis; thus, it plays a huge role when we create user experience. What if it’s wrong? What if we use it wrong. Let’s see a very simple example.” “Actually, just a single comma can distinguish a cannibal from a normal, happy boy. Think about it. Think how much difference there is between: “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma”. See? A single comma can keep Grandma alive!”.

“The importance of Words” is a UX Writing, linguistic, psychological and philosophical masterclass, aimed at UX professionals who want to expand their way of thinking and acquire a global mindset, through the correct use of words. At the completion of “The importance of Words” masterclass, all participants will produce engaging copy for 5 different products, including applications and web pages and will have gained basic knowledge on how to test it effectively.

Date: Wednesday, October 13th
Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Location: HALL 3

Panagiotis Zaharias

Founder | Lead UX Researcher, theUXProdigy

Main research/professional interests are focused on User-Centered Design of Information Systems & digital products, Usability Evaluation and User Experience (UX) Research methods. Besides my work in academic institutions, I have been working with many companies and startups across several industries such as Banking and Fintech, E-commerce, E-learning, Travel & Tourism etc.

Currently a Lead UX Researcher and founder at theUXProdigy and adjunct faculty member at the Open University of Cyprus.

Consulting services focus on:

  • UX services (Lean UX workshops, user & stakeholder interviews, UX requirements and usability specs, contextual inquiry, longitudinal UX and ethnography, Customer Journey Mapping, usability testing, A/B testing, benchmark and comparative UX evaluation, Heuristic/expert-based evaluation, , card sorting, UX metrics and measurement plans, etc.)
  • Gamification design (business application scenarios, player analysis and scenarios, motivation design & mechanics, KPIs definition, optimization support)

Business Training services for companies & individuals and teams (courses, seminars and workshops) with a focus on the following areas:

  • User Experience Research & Design
  • Digital Product Design
  • Gamification Design

Extensive academic research experience with active participation in various European Commission funded research projects. Research output leads to more than 60 published papers in scientific journals, conference proceedings and chapters in books. Metrics regarding the international impact of scientific work on UX and user-centered design:

Stefanos Zafeiropoulos

UX writer, Agile Actors

Stefanos is a UX Writer and a linguist. A Creative Copywriter for most of his professional life, with many clients and successful campaigns to decorate his memory, 3 years ago he decided to step into a whole new world named UX and expand his knowledge. Now, as part of Experience Actors, the UX/UI team of Agile Actors, his goal is to design languages that bridge the gap between the human eye and the machine. Words that please the user while serving the product and the business needs. Stefanos is also associate of theUXProdigy

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