Noam Mor

Between dog and wolf: How to become the focal point of both org. and client

Date: Wednesday, October 21st
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Noam Mor

UX Lead and Research, Cyber Security Company

Noam is a cognitive psychologist who specializes in UX design, UX research, and ergonomics.

He has vast experience in various industries such as enterprise, retail, government, military, cyber-security, etc.

Years of experience and insights from these different industries gave Noam the tools to effectively move organizations to an efficient and optimal UX process.


Noam currently holds the role of UX lead and research in a major global cyber-security company.

Prior to this, he worked as a UX Architect and researcher for several major companies such as HPE, Tufin, Nice, NCR (retalix), etc.

He also played the role of an ergonomics researcher on a major U.S. Air force project for 3 years,

Conducting eye opening experiments in the fields of visual fatigue, cognitive resources, and role categorization based on physiological and cognitive traits.


As a dedicated family man, Noam spends most of his free time with his three children and wife.

He’s been writing music and lyrics for most of his life, and would probably make it his primary occupation, was it possible.