Johannes Lehner

Big data – small screen: Showing exactly the right amount of data to your users.

Key Learnings

  • Design a single (variable) standard GUI of one single form.
  • How to redesign large data tables to other forms of representation (e.g. lists).
  • Learn how to priotize information together with stakeholders (product management, customers, ...).

Enterprise software products often deal with two major issues: (1) large amount of data and (2) very specific but variable use cases. However, both issues can be resolved or at least worked around.
Data tables used to be a very common practice for displaying large amounts of data, but since tables do not work too well on tablets or mobile devices.
I show an example of how to reduce information to the right amount and change the form of representation at the same time using an example of transforming a large enterprise software web application to a mobile app concept.

Date: Wednesday, October 21st
Time: 13:00 - 13:45


Johannes Lehner

UX Designer & Usability Engineer, Intact GmbH

Johannes Lehner is an UX Designer & Usability engineer based in Graz. Together with his office dog Zeus, he forms the UX team at Intact GmbH ( ) in southern Styria. Besides that, Johannes also works as freelance UX Designer under the brand “jBear Graphics | designing emotions”. Since 2019, he also teaches UX Design & UX Management as guest lecturer at the University of Passau (Germany). At last years World Usability Day, he was invited to present a topic, he is really passionate about on the UX Day Graz 2019: “Designing for Human = Designing for Emotion”.
In his free time, Johannes is an active member and the Regional Representative Styria and Carinthia of the UXPA Austria ( ) and organizes the UXPA Austria Meetup in Graz ( ).