Thomas Immich

Getting User Stories Right – How to bridge the gap between what users need and products serve

Key Learnings

  • You learn new methods regarding agile user requirements engineering and assumption-based user needs analysis.
  • Attendees get a clear understanding why and how to organize UX design, research & management artifacts vertically using the "user booklet method".
  • You will get to know each component of the "INVEST" principle from a user-centered point of view in order for them to apply them in real-world agile projects.

User stories are well-accepted organizational units among agile software engineers. However, most user stories are nothing more than disguised tasks or feature requests. This may suit the purpose of breaking down complexity or tracking progress “in some kind of way”, however, it painfully misses the user story’s actual roots: keeping user needs in mind before, during and after implementation. The talk will explain why user stories should not be written solely by Product Owners or engineers and outline how UX managers can initiate more sustainable user stories that make it into the sprint even when being initiated very early in the process. Thomas will present the “user booklet method” as an agile organizational model to collect work results and artifacts in a vertical rather than horizontal manner. He will also explain the INVEST principle, that can be taken as a guiding light to effectively write user stories of high-quality, pragmatism & user-centeredness in real-world projects.

Date: Wednesday, October 13th
Time: 10:15 - 11:00
Location: HALL 2


Thomas Immich

Managing Director, Centigrade

Thomas Immich is the owner & managing director of Centigrade and responsible for the company’s UX Services division. Thomas Immich holds a Diploma in computer science from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, having completed his studies of Digital Media with an award-winning thesis on user interface prototyping. Since then Thomas Immich concentrates on user-centered design methods with respect to their technical feasibility and tool support. During this time, he worked as a UX Manager in numerous client projects, consulting agile development teams in the optimization of user experience processes. He is also a speaker at relevant conferences such as the German UPA and has received several awards, including the “iF communication design award 2010” as well as the “Best Session Award Usability Professionals 2009”.

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