Yoel Sumitro

Developing Design Intuition of 140+ Design Talents

Key Learnings

  • Identify different kind of initiatives for growing design craftsmanship

Taking a half-done car, driving it at breakneck speed, and completing the assembly at the same time is Bukalapak’s product design team (with its 140 design talents)’s lived reality. Seems impossible! But the team has done just that: going from scrappy underdogs to thought leaders within the company in a matter of one year, all while continuing to output market-leading products despite significant obstacles like an education system in Indonesia that doesn’t yet have a sufficient focus on design. How was this accomplished? By leveraging design thinking and applying it to the problems we faced! Following the phases from empathizing and identifying through to prototyping and testing, we created lasting structural solutions to key challenges such as: designer burnout, encouraging critical feedback, closing the skills gap, optimizing value-add activities, and ensuring employee growth and happiness. In this presentation we’ll walk you through our story, how we faced these challenges, the solutions we developed that have set us up for future success.

Date: Wednesday, October 13th
Time: 11:15 - 12:00


Yoel Sumitro

SVP of Product Design, tiket.com

Originally from Indonesia, Yoel Sumitro left for Seattle to get a degree in UX from the University of Washington. From there, he has been globetrotting: first, he worked as a UX Designer in Apptio in Seattle, followed by Mobilewalla in Singapore and then he was at Adidas Group in Germany. He also worked as a Senior UX researcher at Uber before finally in 2018 he decided to go back to Indonesia and is working at Bukalapak, one of the 4 Indonesian Unicorns, as their VP of Product Design, leading 140+ strong design talents

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