Mohan Krishnaraj

Sonic Experiences: The New Dimension of UX

Key Learnings

  • Why the new frontier of UX is sound
  • How iconic brands are creating magic by blending one sensory experience with another
  • Balancing Form, Function, Metaphors and Skeuomorphism while designing sonic experiences

Winning brands create the most long-lasting emotional connections when they can keep as many of our human senses involved. Of late, sound has gained utmost prominence with its ability to change our mood in an instant and guide our choices. Increasingly, product and service brands are waking up to the importance of sonic experiences and how optimising them can lead to long-lasting brand perception. With an explosion of touch-points that connects brand to customers – from digital to physical – almost all are wired for sound.

This talk will uncover how the power of sound can enhance usability and user experience.


Date: Wednesday, October 13th
Time: 14:00 - 14:45
Location: HALL 1b


Mohan Krishnaraj

Vice President and Global Head, User Experience, HARMAN International (A Samsung Company)

With over two decades of experience in the UX industry, Mohan Krishnaraj has a proven track record of enabling UX-led business transformation for several Fortune 100 companies by optimizing customer interactions with the brand, offerings, and touch points. He has been instrumental in institutionalizing UX in companies such as Wipro Technologies, Renaissance IT, Aditi Technologies, HARMAN International etc., and has moved these organizations from an ad-hoc user centric design approach to a mature, self-sustained UX practice that delivers value, driven by core business metrics.

The UX team spearheaded by Mohan was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Awards, ranked a leader in experience design by analysts, and recognized as the “Agency of The Year”, two times in a row by LinkedIn.

As the VP of User Experience at HARMAN, he is responsible for leading enterprise-wide customer experience transformations and building a USP with the perfect blend of design and technology.
He is extremely focused on shaping the business vision, user insights, and technology to define the experience strategy. Under his leadership, he has built a global experience design team with deep competency thereby making design a key competitive differentiator.

His deep knowledge of the industry offers an ‘outside in’ approach to deliver great customer experience across sectors.

Prior to joining HARMAN, Mohan served as the Head of User Experience Group at Wipro Technologies, where he has orchestrated multimillion-dollar contracts, implemented innovative UX strategies and turned underperforming business units around. Mohan enjoys gathering first-hand insights from his outstanding network of C-Level execs, VPs and Directors from across US, APAC and Europe about the business needs, challenges and requirements. Mohan’s expertise in influencing brand strategy through CMO workshops has won him rave reviews from industry experts and peers.

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