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  • Awareness of the foundational pillars of psychology that underpin my approach.
  • Practical tools and tricks you can apply to your work to have more impact and influence.
  • An understanding of how a registered psychologist found his way into working at the intersection of design, human behaviour and technology.
  • Increased motivation to apply what you’ve learned to your work and life.
  • Plus a list of foundational books and resources you can use to help you along the way.
  • Learn the value of seeing the big picture through an overall experience scorecard.
  • Learn about different ways to measure and visualize the overall experience with a digital product.
  • Learn how leverage an experience scorecard within your organization to drive change.
  • You will learn more than 5 tools in our Magineering pyramid.
  • Attendees will get insights how to connect storytelling, customer journeys in offline and online touchpoints.
  • After the Masterclass you can describe and use the four dimensions of enthusiasm.
  • To optimize your sales you will create experiences with the six dimensions of persuasion.
  • Be able to understand design patterns and use cases for AI products, services, and platforms.
  • Understand AI design & validation methods, such as a confusion matrix, and how to apply them.
  • Have a toolkit with frameworks for AI-focused ideation and overcoming technical barriers (toolkit includes several canvas tools, ideation deck, and program workbook).
  • Gain confidence speaking about AI and its use cases (machine learning, deep learning, narrow vs. general).
  • Understand the ethical and business impacts of data bias on AI & machine learning algorithms.
  • How to set up a seat for design in the key decision-making tables.
  • Where to begin with practically setting up a high-performing in-house design team.
  • How to introduce design thinking as a mindset across a large established organization.
  • Description The rise of in-house Design Teams is being seen all around the world – with varying degrees of success. Martin will discuss how to approach scaling Design within an organisation for maximum impact, why that doesn’t always mean a larger team and what changes to your skillset will be required to be truly successful. [...]
  • Why we Make space for adjustments and incorporate feedback.
  • How to scope realistic goals & how to break the project into manageable parts.
  • How to ensure delivery of a quality product as quickly as possible.
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