Ksenia Khalina

Creative eXcellence for Customer eXperience

Key Learnings

  • Understanding and Analyzing the Formula of Creative eXcellence - RRR™.
  • Understanding why creative excellence is important for successful and effective CX and Customer Activation.
  • Being able to create and assess an integrated Customer eXperience and activation based on the RRR™ Creative eXcellence formula.


Role of CREATIVITY is highly recognized in the Brand Building and Advertisement. When it comes to Customer Experience then it is all about being practical, easy, quick and functional…BUT IS IT ENOUGH? Is CREATIVITY – an expensive toy or a ‘must’ in customer experience and activation? What is Creative eXcellence for CX and what elements it consists of?

Welcome to the next generation of customer experience creation, which is utilizing 3Rs of the Creativity eXcellence formula and helping to drive revenue and profit growth. Discover how a leading Beer Company in Europe successfully used it to deliver omnichannel CX activation program and achieved 36% sales growth as well as examples from other industries.

Date: Thursday, January 1st


Ksenia Khalina

Global Customer Marketing Leader and Executive Consultant, Randos

Ksenia is a Global Customer Marketing Leader and Executive Consultant.

Today Ksenia works as a PR & Marketing Director at RANDOS, after 15 years in HEINEKEN, CHUPA-CHUPS, COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, RECKITT BENCKISER as Global Head of Trade & Shopper Marketing and in other various marketing and sales roles.

Ksenia’s business and leadership achievements as well as her competency and passion for customer happiness, brand growth, new retail, e-commerce, social commerce and creative excellence in customer experience & activation, – earned Ksenia a strong credibility and recognition on the global level as an expert in data-driven consumer and shopper marketing, omnichannel customer experience and integrated activation campaigns.

Her personal track record includes numerous effectively and efficiently implemented:
– Marketing, Sales, E-commerce Strategies and Strategic Digital Guidelines on the country, regional and global levels;
– Product innovation launches for world-famous brands like Heineken, Chupa-Chups, and Colgate;
– Integrated brand activation and customer experience campaigns such as global omnichannel activations of Heineken® sponsorship platforms UCL, Formula 1, James Bond, and Rugby World Cup.

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