Bansi Mehta

Smart Strategies to Successfully Run Agile Design Projects

Key Learnings

  • Why we Make space for adjustments and incorporate feedback.
  • How to scope realistic goals & how to break the project into manageable parts.
  • How to ensure delivery of a quality product as quickly as possible.


Agile has proven its worth in software development, but when it comes to design, its benefits have been largely untapped. Adopting an agile design framework creates an iterative and incremental process that adapts well to frequent changes and creates room for improvement.

Date: Friday, October 23rd


Bansi Mehta

CEO, Koru UX Design

For me, design thinking is the power to transform experiences and enrich lives. It isn’t mere creativity and innovation for its own sake; it’s specifically directed at creating a treasured value for users, businesses and our ecosystem as a whole. I love to channelize design thinking to solve most problems, for businesses and individuals. It is my mission to help business communities understand and tap into the power of UX for greater impact.

We are undoubtedly in the midst of an enterprise UX renaissance. Most Enterprise products are designed with a focus on function than the people who use them. I am charged to change that and help companies tap into the true potential that an efficient and delightful user-focused product can deliver. With Koru, I align action towards my mission by providing Enterprise Specific UX solutions that beat major design challenges faced by our progressive partners. With over 250 enterprise products under our belt over the last six years, we are ever so determined to change how Enterprise Systems are looked at.

Over the years we have gone beyond creating delightful UX, we have inspired engineers and product managers to identify and develop their creative acumen and enabled them to nurture compelling ideas with a user-centric approach. We have been able to touch over 1 million individuals, directly and indirectly, and given them more reasons to love their jobs.

We are here to transform experiences.

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