Verena Seibert-Giller

How bodily characteristics unconsciously effect UX related behavior

Key Learnings

  • To name 3 different bodily characteristics that unknowingly influence user behaviors and provide an UX example for each.
  • To control the effect of 3 different bodily characteristics in UX design and applied methods.


Our bodily characteristics and current state effects our behaviors, thoughts and emotions far beyond what we expect. If we are aware of such effects, we can enhance our designs, make our activities with users more effective and efficient and collect more valid data in our user research.

Let me give you a simple example: We all tend to prefer objects that are easier to pick up to those that are even just a few centimeters further away. Well, we do not only prefer to take these, because we are lazy by nature, we actually unconsciously rate them as being impartially better. Think this further: what does this imply for right versus left handed users on touchscreens or for the position of our mouse?

In my talk I will present 3 astonishing bodily unconscious influences and showcase these in UX examples. And hopefully, I will make you curious to learn more!

Date: Monday, October 19th


Verena Seibert-Giller

UX and Human Behavior Consultant,

I have been working in the field of Usability and User Experience for more than 25 years. My experience in working with numerous Top500 companies around the world as well as local small and medium size companies is complemented by industrial trainings, teaching at universities and individual coaching activities.

Domains that I have been working in, e.g.
– safety critical industries e.g. air traffic business, medicine, railroad companies
– telecommunications
– transport & logistics
– finance & insurances
– entertainment & education

Project and training activities e.g.
– safety related UX studies
– contextual analysis and user research
– user interface designs
– prototyping activities
– usability tests and reviews
– risk ranked document and SOP (standard operating procedure) document engineering

Within the last years I have been highly involved in the development of standardized certifications for people and products in the UX business.
for the IBUQ (International Board for Usability Qualifications) and
for its worldwide successor UXQCC (User Experience Qualification Center)
(UXQCC is an organization for worldwide certifications, which is represented on all continents and includes behavioral and cognitive aspects relevant for each UX specialist.)

A very special interest of mine and special service lies in the behavioral and cognitive psychological aspects of User Experience and safety. I offer project specific consultancies as well as trainings for leading edge companies.

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