Talia Lavie

What don’t they tell you about MVP

Key Learnings

  • Designing the right MVP - we will discuss how you should plan the MVP in a way that will make sure UX aspects are taken under consideration and the product is usable.
  • Learning from the MVP - MVP is all about validation and learning. We will learn what are the important aspects to focus in the learning process.


Today in the agile development environment the term MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has become quite common. However, in reality different personas view and define MVP differently. This results in various challenges, such as making sure you eventually deliver value to the users and avoid broken functionality and flows. In this talk we will discuss User Experience challenges involved in MVPs and propose various methods to deal with those challenges.

Date: Thursday, October 22nd


Talia Lavie

Head of UX and Design, AppsFlyer

Multidisciplinary User Experience leader with massive experience in User Experience design, inbound product management and research. Ability to understand customers and translate their needs to requirements. Big believer in Data-driven thinking and research.
More than a decade of extensive experience in building, leading, designing, researching, lecturing, testing and managing User Experiences for various products and platforms. Experience in empowering product and UX teams.
Hold a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction. Integrate between my strong academic and research background and experience.

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