Siri Breen

From KPI to KEI: How we went from measuring performance to real user engagement

Key Learnings

  • The different levels of user engagement (spoiler alert: there are six!).
  • Why many of our typical KPIs are insufficient when measuring user engagement.
  • A framework for measuring user engagement in combination with key performance indicators.


What defines success in your organisation? If you’re a somewhat user focused company you might use Net Promoter Score as a metric, maybe combined with other data points such as number of visits, downloads, shares, [fill in your own favourite], which could indicate that users like your product. Or are you, like many other companies, so focused on achieving business goals that user satisfaction and engagement becomes an after-thought? In both cases the typical measures are short-lived, or in worst case, not even relevant if you want to measure real user engagement. But why bother when the numbers look good and your manager is happy?

In her presentation, Siri shares her experience on how they were able to change the team’s perception of user engagement and introduce a framework for measuring it. “The solution in the end was not to force engagement specific metrics onto our evaluation board. This would have been met with a lot of resistance. Instead, we wanted to find a way to combine the business metrics with engagement metrics, and through this find a common language in the way we measure success.”

Date: Tuesday, October 20th


Siri Breen

UX Director and Digital Communications, Siemens

Siri works as a User Experience Lead in Corporate Communications at Siemens. Her aim is to push the boundaries of what traditionally defines communication in large corporations. “Digital is the artery of all communication activities we do at Siemens. We have a great team of data scientists, developers, designers, and content creators, who all motivate each other to be constantly bolder and think outside the box to create the best experience for our users externally and internally.”
In her role, Siri defines UX strategy within the area of Digital Communications and leads the design team in developing new digital platforms, both internally and externally. Before Siemens, she spent ten years working for ABB Ltd, two of those in Corporate Research, where she brought user experience and user research into the field of industrial applications.
Followed by a couple of years in Credit Suisse, where she worked in the interface between clients and advisors on optimising the client experience throughout all touch points, both on- and offline. Siri also spent one year working as a UX designer in a FinTech startup, defining a future-proof model of wealth management for the UHNW segment.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, with a special focus on Human Machine Interaction.

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