Saumitri Choudhury

Selling UX – A Value Driven Perspective

Key Learnings

  • Why it is important to know thy audience to sell to.
  • What is the importance of "Value" Selling in User Experience.
  • How to redefine your selling goals for impact, where the goal is NOT to sell.


From demonstrating ROI and showcasing Case Studies, to talking about the process and demo-ing prototypes, nothing much has changed; it is still as difficult to sell User Experience as it was 20 years ago. Or is it?

Whether you are an agency selling to an external client, or an in-house designer selling to internal stakeholders, “selling” is probably the most important and intrinsic activity you end up having to do, in each and every aspect of the trade of UX, sometimes without even noticing you are doing it.

There is that rush of validation you get, when it sells!  And the disappointment of being misunderstood, when it doesn’t.
Yet, all of us develop our “selling” trade-secrets over time. Some sell with confidence and data, while others sell with charm and friendly

In this talk, I uncover my learnings and absolutely exclusive secrets of selling User Experience. Miss this talk and you shall never know, but always wonder!!

Date: Tuesday, October 20th


Saumitri Choudhury

Director UX Design, SAMSUNG Electronics

I work at the intersection of Product and Service Design, Product Management, Technology and Marketing, bringing new value to consumers.

My career of 20+ years has spanned multiple aspects of the business of Product & Service Innovation:

– Product Leadership: I have deep capability in user profiling, consumer research, competitive analysis, consumer journey mapping, product roadmapping and execution. I was involved in setting up GlobalLogic’s Version 1.0 offering for start-ups and the Product Management function.

– Senior Management: At Samsung, Bangalore, and earlier at GlobalLogic, I have proven experience in recruiting, building, training, mentoring and operating high-performance Product and Design teams.

– Design Consultancy/Agency: As Design Consultant at HFI and with my team at GlobalLogic, I have proven experience in business development, account management, client relationship building, design strategy, design project management and hands-on design execution.

– Product & UX Designer: I have Strategic Design as well as Execution experience on Consumer as well as Enterprise products. I have proven experience in domains as diverse as Media, e-Commerce, Communications, Mobile, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Financial, Enterprise and CRM.

– Design Research: As HCI/Design Researcher with PARC Xerox and MIT Media Lab Asia, I have done high-technology research on haptic, touch and gesture interfaces, as well as ethnographic research, contextual study and face-to-face and remote usability testing across US, Europe, India, China and Latin America.

– Product & Design Advocacy & Evangelization :
NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016 (
Bengaluru Tech Summit, Govt. Of Karnataka (

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