Speaker World Usability Congress 2018

Bruce Horn

Bruce’s lifelong interest is developing computer technology to augment human capabilities.  He is launching a company in early 2019 to make AI faster, easier, cheaper and more available—to fulfill its promise as a powerful tool for improving our ability to solve the world’s complex problems.

Previously Bruce was an Intel Fellow and Chief Technical Officer for the Saffron Technology Group at Intel.  He was responsible for driving new applications and uses for memory-based reasoning, a fundamentally new approach in the development of intelligent personal devices and systems.

Horn is most widely known for his work at Apple, where he created and developed the Macintosh Finder.  He began his career as a member of the Learning Research Group at Xerox PARC, where he contributed to several implementations of the Smalltalk virtual machine.

Horn earned a B.S. In Mathematical Sciences from Stanford University in 1981, and an M.S. and Ph.D. In Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1994.

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