Speaker World Usability Congress 2019

Dobrian Dobrev

Senior UX Designer, Coca Cola

Здравей* means ‘Hello’ in Bulgarian. My name is Dobrian Dobrev and I am based in Sofia, BG. I’ve been working in the field of UX Design for the last 6 years and previously I worked as an Infographic Designer & Information Architect.

  • Nominated for ux-design-awards.com 2017
  • UX Mentor for the first WebVR Incubator in the world.
  • Speaker at UX Sofia 2017 (co-hosted by a previous speaker at World Usability Congress 2018 – Martina Mitz)
  • Speaker at UXify 2016 – Teacher at the New Bulgarian University.
  • Published author on major medium.com publications

Dobrian will be presenting at the World Usability Congress 2019.

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