Speaker World Usability Congress 2019

Gowtham Nedunchezhian

Usability Engineer, VSF Experts GmbH

Gowtham has a background in Usability Engineering. He is passionate about finding the most impactful ways to bring user-centered processes, products, and experiences successfully to organizations and the market. He has wide experience in designing products for automotive, manufacturing & B2C domains. Over the years of experience with User Experience design and Agile product development, he has created a new framework called “UX BURNER”. It gives companies a practical way to harmonize UX Design practices in SCRUM. Product teams now have the potential to constantly deliver better product experiences in short iterations. He is working on his playbook. He actively presents in the conference; conducts UX burner workshops for companies and universities.

1. Author of the playbook UX BURNER ( ready to be published in the market)
2. Speaker at conveying UX, Annual UX conference, Seattle 2018
3. Hochschule Mannheim- Developed a product called Lunch Planner using UX Burner
4. Recent workshop: Siebert Media, Wiesbaden, Germany.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gowtham-nedunchezhian-4a899a89/

Gowtham will be presenting at the World Usability Congress 2019.

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UX BURNER – Applied Lean-UX for Agile teams

A holistic product design & development framework that helps to constantly innovate with SCRUM teams. Do you have limited resources but an urge to build great products with less waste? Are you still following the old waterfall approach

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Year: 2019

Date: Tuesday, October 15th

Time: 08:30