Speaker World Usability Congress 2019

Leland Hepler

UX/UI Design, Boston Dynamics

Leland heads up UX/UI design at Boston Dynamics and previously was the Director of User Experience at Rethink Robotics. Before Rethink, he spent 14 years as an animator with Walt Disney Feature Animation working on such films as “The Lion King”, “Dinosaur” and “Chicken Little” and then spent another 9 years developing video games. Leland is passionate about bringing the influences of animation and game development into robotics and believes the tools and techniques used to create characters for film and interactive video games can provide many lessons and insights for robot interaction experiences as autonomous creatures become a common part of our daily lives. He holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

Leland will be presenting at the World Usability Congress 2019.

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Year: 2019

Date: Thursday, October 17th

Time: 15:30