Speaker World Usability Congress 2019

Pawel Lenart

Director of UX, Tricentis RPA

I’m the Lead UX Designer for RPA, working for Tricentis – a company which is the global market leader in software test automation. I’ve been working on and leading UX projects in several industries (gambling, aviation, meteorology, software testing etc…) for big companies like:

  • bwin
  • novomatic
  • Tricentis
  • Sabre

I have studied visual communications in Poland and I’m also starting my PhD this year.

Pawel will be presenting at the World Usability Congress 2019.

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How Robotic Process Automation and UX/UI have impact on each other

Description Software and UI Automation is becoming more powerful and important in the IT industry. It’s game changing, because on the one hand Intelligent UI Bots are replacing users, and on the other hand, new UX concepts are needed,

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Year: 2019

Date: Thursday, October 17th

Time: 09:30