Speaker World Usability Congress 2019

Simon Rosenqvist

UX Designer, Combine A/S

My passion is to create happy people through great experiences. I do that by working strategically and methodical with UX-design.

I’m a Senior UX-designer at a Danish digital agency. I have worked for +5 years as a UX-consultant in my own UX-agency as self-occupied and at my current workplace Combine – a digital agency focusing on the interplay between people and technology.

I hold a Master’s degree in Engineering Psychology from Aalborg University. An education focusing on applying knowledge of human psychology to create great user experiences and usability.

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Designing and developing a personality for AI and robots. Why? How? What?

Description AI and robots are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives and we interact with them on an almost daily basis. Consequently, we need to put great consideration into how we design the perceived personality or

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Year: 2019

Date: Thursday, October 17th

Time: 09:30

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