Speaker World Usability Congress 2020

Ben Kertman

Ben is a behavior change scientist and public health specialist who became a user research consultant to help organizations design experiences that change behaviors and improve human well-being. Impatient with the tendency of behavior change companies to use a single discipline approach (e.g. behavioral economics) and guard their methods behind paywalls, Ben spent the last 7 years developing an open-source, multi-discipline, behavior change framework for researchers and designers to apply to UX. Ben holds a masters in Social and Behavior Science and Public Health from Harvard.

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Integrating Behavior Change Science into Human Centered Design

When we design products and experiences to encourage users to re-share an article, complete an online course, or wear their fitness tracker while exercising, we are attempting to change thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Though much of our work

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Year: 2020

Date: Thursday, October 14th

Time: 10:30

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