Speaker World Usability Congress c20

Kate Fischer

Leading automotive User Experience designer, Carmeq GmbH

I am Kate and I’m a lead user experience and visual designer. That means I am here to understand common, everyday problems and to use technology to solve them. As UX designer my main task generally speaking is help to solve problems by creating interfaces which do not cause any distraction for such highly overloaded with driving tasks group of customers as drivers. To successfully fulfill this task on a daily base, I have created a toolbox from my own life experience.

Here are it’s main components:
– As a big fan of research methodology, I always tend to see things from different standpoints and get a comprehensive picture to figure out problems. This is what I learned while living in very different places of the world
– As a curious person and a futurist, I explore the possibilities of applying cutting-edge technologies and opening up a wide bandwidth of potential problem solutions. I’ve got this knowledge from studying biochemistry. It gave me a sense of the beautiful logic of nature, plus a structured approach to deriving results and drawing conclusions
– As an adept of early prototyping, testing and attentive gathering of data to plan next steps, I tend to question and reevaluate any consideration or assumption in a quick and for the project healthy way. This is the lesson I learned while participating in numerous hackathons
– As a believer in the undeniable power of a clear structure as a weapon against chaos and miscommunication, always establish a well thought through plan. I have learned it from my intense and frequent traveling experiences
– I am proud to have gained professional interaction skills while working with a wide range of car manufacturing brands from all over the world to help them solve various problems
– Finally, a key element in my toolbox is a mantra: ‘The best interface is no interface’ which I use to understand how intuitive, transparent and delightful every interaction or mental model is which I’m creating, how natural and humanlike it is

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