Automotive & Aviation

Autonomous driving puts the industry and HMI on its head. How can UX carry the responsibility for a successful future for OEMs.

UX & Design Experiences

Infuse your projects with sparks of life. Widen your horizon of possibilities and design unique experiences.

UX & Industrial Safety

What is the right implementation of usability to prevent crucial mistakes in your company?

UX in eCommerce

How Measurable-UX can visualize its impact on your Return on invest and lead you to transparent decisions.

UX in SoftwareDevelopment

Let’s talk about new patterns, software processes, best practices and new tactics for our daily work.

UX in Virtual & Augmented Reality

Join the discussion with leading innovators and shape the patterns of tomorrows everyday life.

UX Strategy

Create new visions and angles for your projects by implementing UX-techniques into your strategic frameworks.

UX Management

Different strategies to setup UX teams and how to integrate them into your business processes.


Better Results with our Measurable
Learning Skills

This year we are introducing our new Measurable Learning Skills Catalog. It enables you to customize your personal schedule in terms of interests. Each speaker will hand in their personal 5 Measurable Skills and you can choose between those appealing to you in order to acquire them inside the specific speeches & workshops.


Klaus Hofer \ i-Cat

» I don’t want to make people smart. They already are. I challenge them with a new perspective. «


Every year we are lucky to welcome new inspiring speakers to our network. They give insights into the topics and are around throughout the congress. We look forward to present you our full lineup this spring!

Some facts about \ 2017

922h of published video

498 wifi accesses

244 styrian eggs

Tickets \ 2018

Pre Workshop Ticket

Access to one of our two Pre Congress Workshops


  1. Vivian Gomez \ Algorithm with Design
  2. Bill Albert\ Measuring the UX

Per Workshop


excl. VAT

16.October \ Hotel Weitzer

Full Congress Ticket

Access to both event days


  • Gala Dinner
  • Access all talk-videos
  • Lunch, coffee, dinner, snacks and drinks included



Early Bird until 30th June


excl. VAT

17. – 18.October \ Messecongress

Single Day Ticket

Access to one of our two event days


  • Access to the keynote videos
  • Lunch, coffee, dinner, snacks and drinks included



Early Bird until 30th June


excl. VAT

17. or 18.October \ Messecongress

Our Challenges \

Student UX World Championship \
Task will be out in June

You are a student with experience in the field of Ux-Design and want to prove your Ux-Skills in an international competition? Then go ahead and apply now for the second UX World Championship and get the chance to meet the our key speakers at the WUC 2017.

Why you mustn’t miss the WUC \ 08 Reasons


Practical & Applicable \ Successful practical examples and tips
The lineup of speakers will deliver practical examples and helpful tips. This is the kind of learning that can you apply immediately and benefit from the results the moment you return to your office.


Doing – not talking \ Put your know-how into action

All participants do more than just listening. In the dynamic workshops they will learn how to use and practice the newly acquired skills. Capped class sizes ensure a great / fruitful/ and beneficial learning environment.


Global Top Specialists \ Learning from the leaders in the UX field
Learning from the best in the field of UX. The well-known specialists in the world of UX will be your exclusive teachers. They hold patents, they are design leaders from all over the world and they also lead and shape the trends we all know from our daily life.


Network with experts \ Exchange of experiences and views with international experts
Your employee will get enough time to network with UX experts from all around the world throughout the congress. Registrations from Europe, Asia and the US will bring a exciting mix of experts to the beautiful city of Graz.


Future Vision \ Equip yourself today for UX challenges of tomorrow
Learn from expert trend researchers who will introduce you to the latest and most powerful technologies. In hands-on sessions participants develop future concepts for economic sectors to be integrated into your business.


Real-World Examples \ Real-life projects instead of plain theory
Our specialists deal with real-life projects with real-life projects with real-life clients. You will learn from the business realities instead of academic theory. We guarantee you dynamic learning experiences with measurable skills transfer.


Sharing is Caring \ Each one teach one. Learn from each other
Professionaly facilitated learning sessions provide a wealth of shared expertise amongst all who attend. You take-home is the collective knowledge and expertise harvested.


Problem Solving \ Collaborative problem solving for created solutions
Maximize your UX potential from the creative solutions developed in collaborative sessions period. Bring with you a list of your current challenges which we address in a collaborative environment. Use this opportunity to share and discuss them with all experts at the congress.


You want to Review your product with UX specialists from around the globe?

The World Usability Congress is a hotspot for professionals. Spotlight Reviews are the perfect tool to test your product with the help of these experts. Get the most from every review with valuable insights.