Call for Speakers

The call for speakers for the World Usability Congress 2023 is now officially open now.

The deadline for the application is December 5th, 2022.

We expect hands-on insights or great case studies within our next year’s key topics. We want your stories comprising valuable key learnings.

World Usability Congress 2023 tracks

We will select those tracks that posses more amount of selections and quality.

• Behavioural Science & Psychology
• UX Research
• UX Engineering
• Design Leadership
• UX Strategy
• UX Management
• UX Trends

• Workshop (Full Day)
• Masterclass (2-3 hours)
• Industrial UX
• Sustainable UX
• Business Value for Design / UX
• eGovernment UX
• Green Technology & UX

Best practices talk information

Download our “Best Practices for talk information” and increase your chances to be selected as a speaker for the World Usability Congress 2023

Services & conditions

• Free ticket to World Usability Congress.
• We pay for the hotel (Speakers Hotel).
• We organise and pay for the taxi from the airport to the hotel and back.

• You are invited to the speakers dinner the evening before the conference.
• 35 minute presentation slot at the conference.
• Join our famous speakers experience tour.