At World Usability Congress, we organize a high-class deep insight and hands-on UX conference. 10 years ago a new family was born. Our WUC family. People and speakers are joining every year. Friendships and new businesses were created. This is why it’s also the main part of our conference to get inspired- to motivate ourselves and to get the best out of a conference through experiences and networking and training!

This is why we invite you to join not only our talks, workshops, and masterclasses – please also join our side events and enjoy the conference as a whole.

We will see each other in Graz. Hannes


Visit Graz, the second-largest city in Austria. The city’s historic center was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. During 2003 Graz held the title of “European Capital of Culture” and since 2011, it is listed among the UNESCO “Cities of Design”.

Let the WUC beats drop

Take in the full WUC rhythm and let our very own DJ keep up the good vibes.

“Schilcher Frizzante” and “Knödl”

We believe that delicious drinks and decent food have the capability to make every day a good day.


Meet other attendees in the evening before the event starts and have a memorable time in Graz.

All you can eat buffet

WUC provides the best conference meals and snacks for the breaks equally for vegetarian, vegan, and our meat-loving friends.

Special drinks for special moments

Take your time off and enjoy some moments with the best coffee or handmade juice.

Networking Dinner

Enjoy delicious food and a stunning view across the city during our Networking Dinner at the Schlossbergrestaurant, located on top of the hill in the city center, the “Grazer Schlossberg”.

Breakfast time after a fabulous night

Wake up and start the second day with our famous scrambled eggs with pumpkin oil. Look out for our host’s special 2022 edition.

Let the WUC beats drop

Take in the full WUC rhythm and let our very own DJ keep up the good vibes.

Roasted chestnuts and Sturm

Let’s have a last chat and culinary highlight together before we leave with a head full of new ideas. Be back soon and let’s keep in touch.