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Control and Happiness: In Life and on Screen

Jennifer Romano, PhD
Senior User Experience Researcher

Adapt or Die – how to survive in a world of constant change

André Morys
Experience Optimisation 

The Future of Human-Technology Interaction

Susan Weinschenk
Design Director and Practice Lead
The Team W, Inc

Digital Craft – The increased importance of craft in our digital ecosystems and environments

Andy Hooper
Senior Director User Experience Design
Intel Corporation

UX Research

I just have to do good research to show my value – or not? How to have an impact in different organisational settings

Sabrina Duda
User Researcher | Author & Speaker & Mentor
Department for Work and Pensions

Psychology of listening skills in remote User Testing

Adele Meijers
UX Research Lead

Back to office, working from home, or a mix of both: How Miro Research team explored this opportunity

Eduardo Gómez Ruiz
Staff UX Researcher

Impact Map – A chain of reasoning from UX Research to Business

Swapnali Thakar
UX Research and Design
Cybersapien Inc.

UX Strategy

Purpose driven digital experiences

Xhensila Reci
UX Lead
LEGO Group

How to succeed as a design leader

Julie Kennedy
User Experience Director

The obvious is not always the obvious, put it to the test!

Jenn Whittingham
Senior Manager of User Experience

Ethics in Design

Amol Kadam

Politics of Enterprise UX: Managing team conflicts and getting stakeholder buy-in

Bansi Mehta
Koru UX Design

UX Operation Is A New Key to Facilitate Your Company In The Fast-Changing World

Aldrich Huang
CEO & Co-founder
UXTesting, Inc.

The tug of war over UX resources – Agile teams vs. line organization

Stefanie Schweikart
Head of Digital User Experience, Director
Lufthansa Group

How to sell UX inside your company!

Johannes Lehner
UX Designer & Usability Engineer

Designing interfaces for the future city in Japan

Liya Safina
Digital product design director
Safina & Shektman, Inc

UX Engineering

Design Process for deliver a full new mobility experience from the scratch

David Ruiz
UX Director
e.Voyageurs SNCF

Design System 2.0

Stefan Ivanov
UX Manager

There are no facts, only interpretations

Muzaffer Akay
Head of Product (CX)

Notifications : Just cut the sh*t ?

Arthur Retrou
Head Of Design
Dernier Cri

Behavioural Science

UX inspired from Nature’s strategies
on love and passion

Ph.D. Krishnesh Mehta
Founder President
Cognimorphosis body, mind, spirit Lab

Creating joyful experiences

Himanshu Bharadwaj
VP Experience Design
Centime inc.

Positive Psychology and Product Design – How to Enhance Happiness

Dr. Angelique Ruiter
Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Decluttering – A value for Experience Design

Sabina Krishna
Human Factors Research & Design

Mindset Framework for Research

Ben Anyasodo
Research Consultant
UK Health Security Agency


Do robots dream? The future of AI and UX Writing.

Florian Grögler
Senior UX Writer
adesso SE

The impact of AI on product design

Bruno Recht
UX Design & Research
Porsche Digital

Designing the AI Experience

Ranjeet Kumar
Director, User Experience Design

Does AI need UX?

Carrie Yury
Group Design Director


How to design Conversational interfaces (Chat / Voice)

Andras Rung

The NON textbook approach, to learning software tools

Anudeep Ayyagari
UX Designer

Best Practises for Eye Tracking in Usability and UX Research

Benedikt Salzbrunn – Gerda Huber
Director User Experience Management (Master) – Researcher
UAS Technikum Wien

UX Psychology Lens

Verena Seibert-Giller
UX and Human Behaviour Consultant