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Foundation Level Certification

10th 11th October

Acquired knowledge that assures a proficiency in definitions and background about human perception as well as basics on the human-machine-interaction and software-ergonomics.

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Verena Seibert-Giller
Verena Seibert-Giller

UX Psychologist & Human Behaviour Consultant, Trainer


The main focus of the Foundation level certification is on common rules and standards for interactive systems. An additionally topic is the integration of usability into the development cycle. Usability engineering implies that the proper use of ergonomic measures have to be included iteratively in every part of the design and development cycle of a software product or website, not just implemented in the end (just testing with some users for example). There have to be a requirements review, specification- and prototype development as well as user testing and evaluation included.

Tested and certified UCQCC Usability Engineering Professionals – Foundation Level are allowed to bear the according seal of approval.

1. Usability basics
1.1 Necessity und benefits of Usability

2. Human-Machine-Interfaces
2.1 Software-ergonomics and design rules
2.2 Human information processing
2.3 Standards, rules and laws
2.4 Accessibility

3. Usability Engineering
3.1 Usability Engineering Basics
3.2 Analytics and concept phase
3.3 Design phase
3.4 Prototyping phase
3.5 Overview evaluation phase
3.5 Usability Testing und Evaluation


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