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Are you curious about the World Usability Congress? Join us on the WUC journey.
First of all, hear from first hand from some of our speakers about the World Usability Congress an why you need to be courious!

Is that the right feeling? OK what’s next…

Is WUC the perfect match for you or your team?

Before you buy your ticket to any conference, give it a look to the agenda.

Check the topics and the whole content, and if they are good fit for you or your team, then we have done a good job.

You are not 100% convinced, and your gut is telling
you that you should get more information.

Attendees statements


Better, but you really want to enjoy the trip! Great talks, Surprises, Deep knowledge …
OK let’s read the next part!

Are we “Just another boring conference”

Well, not really! The World Usability congress is more than “Just another boring conference”. We work really hard to give you the best possible experience, give it a look to our Experience page to know more about it.

Back from the experience deep insight? 

And you are 100% convinced, that the World Usability is your favourite conference? 

Perfect, Good decision. Now let’s gor forward.

Let’s convince your Boss

If your are already sure that WUC24 is your conf, then it is time to convince your boss. For this reason we prepared only for you a small document that can help you achieve this important challenge.

Ready Steady GO!

Congratulations, your boss is on your side. Now hurry up to grab a ticket. 


Awesome! Now, the next step is to find the ticket that fit you or your team, check our ticket page all our alternatives.

For team tickets with 4 or more tickets, write us a direct mail for a group discount.


Congratulations, this is like XMas, Easter and your Birthday together! Let’s share that on Social Media!

But wait, you are coming to the conference not for vacation and you know that!

OK – We will prepare you to get the best out of it, and that you can show your boss that it was the best decision in 2024 to send you to the World Usability Congress!

Let’s Prepare for WUC

Now what? Well, it’s time to prepare yourself or your team in order to get the best from WUC24. That’s why we prepare some advices or tips that can help you get the best before, during and even after the conference. Give it a look.

You want a hotel close to our conference center. We have the best place for you!

Let us help you find where to stay

We highly recommend our partner “Plaza Inn Hotel Graz”, this mainly due to its proximity to the Stadthalle. With your secret password “World Usability Congress” you will get your room exclusive until end of June only for conference attendees. (as long as they have free rooms)


Graz is not a global mobility hub, we know that, but Graz has an airport, train and a motorway 🙂

And it’s a really beautiful city you have to visit once in your lifetime.
OK next step will be your plan to arrive in Graz

How to arrive at WUC

Mmm… Luckily Graz has a well develop transportation system, so, If it’s you first time coming to WUC, give it a look to all the possible ways you have to arrive to us.

You arrived safely?

OK one small hint. If you see this building, then you are right! Congratulations. 

Oh Yeah!

Once the day come and the conference start, you will find us at Graz Stadthalle.

Or better, click down and you will get our address directly in google maps.


The conference starts before the conference and ends never. We created an online community not only for WUC attendees, for everyone in the world who is an open minded person and who want to grow personally!

“Honestas valores et qualitates experientiis”
We bring together individuals on a journey of self-reflection and growth to engage in meaningful discussions and shared experiences, so that we can develop a stronger sense of personal values and personal fulfillment.


WUC is a family!

Join our family!


Join “The World Of Experience”

Join our digital community, the first digital community that focus in UX.

You still read? A huge honor for us!


It is not the end, it is your beginning.