What you can expect \

The World Usability Congress is an international premier user experience design conference.

Two days of conference presentations provide practical skills to take away, inspire you for your next projects, stretch your knowledge or show how someone has tackled a problem just like ones you’re facing.

The WUC provides you with endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees and the world’s top thinkers and doers.

Chair World Usability Congress \

Johannes Robier
+43 6643400841

Johannes Robier youspi Chair World Usablity Congress
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The Location \ Graz 
The Congress is held in Graz the second biggest city of Austria.

The venue \ Messecongress North
Messeplatz 1, 8010 Graz

WUC hotel \ Hotel ROOMZ GRAZ
Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße 96, 8010 Graz

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Special contracts are possible! Please contact: Hannes Robier, chair of WUC