Lessons Learned From Our Accessibility-First Approach to Data Visualization

Thursday, Oct. 17th. 09:30 - 10:10
Accessibility & Inclusion

Key Learnings

How accessibility standards enforced by the regulations like the upcoming European Accessibility Act can empower great design.

How to represent data by leveraging other senses through generative AI, data sonification and haptic feedback.

How you can generate awareness and affect positive change in your organization.

Mid Level 1 - 5 years


Kent Eisenhuth


UX Lead


For over three years, I have led a data visualization program at Google that focuses on representing data in ways that provide value and insights to everyone, regardless of their ability. This tale of two disciplines will spotlight several case studies and key lessons learned while meeting accessibility standards on an array of visualizations prominently featured in many Google products. During the presentation, I will outline how we generated awareness and support from business leaders, and how you can too. Through a case study, I will illustrate how the seemingly constraining WCAG standards empowered great visual design. Finally, I will discuss how AI, sonification and visual design can be combined to create a better holistic experience for everyone.