a11y first!

Tuesday, Oct. 15th. 09:00 - 17:00

Key Learnings

Participants learn accessibility specific methods that simplify strategic alignment.

How to identify and correct the male default to include the other 50% of human population.

How to use common accessibility tools to reduce cognitive loading.

Mid Level 1 - 5 years


Stefan Barac

strategic a11y


Gerhard Kühne


Creative Lead Apps- & User Experience,


In our workshop, you will learn how to develop products for everyone without excluding anyone.
We help you integrate a11y into your UX strategy and make it work.
How to collect, sort and rank a11y "information elements".
How to playfully unite human elements around a common goal.
And how to measure whether you have achieved the desired results.

We teach these things in 3 stages:

🐣 Sympathy
Find out why a11y is so important in the first part.
Who it affects. What to pay attention to.

🐔 Empathy
How do people with disabilities move through your solutions?
Learn how to simulate a wide range of disabilities within your products.

🍗 Action
How do we recognise barriers for people with and without disabilities?
How to design solutions for all users at the same time?
We will give you methods that make it possible.