We proudly present the first talks of the World Usability Congress 2020.
More talks will be added in the near future. The full agenda will be released in March. Please consider, individual talks and timings are subject to change.

Why does your CEO not care about CX – and how to make them CX obsessed

Lior Arussy \

UX Strategy - Q&A Intersection

UX Strategy – Q&A Intersection \

UX Research - Q&A Intersection

UX Research – Q&A Intersection \

UX Psychology - Q&A Intersection

UX Psychology – Q&A Intersection \

UX Mediation - Q&A Intersection

UX Mediation – Q&A Intersection \

UX Engineering - Q&A Intersection

UX Engineering – Q&A Intersection \

UX Crash and Burn: UX brought down the 737 Max

Mike Hannah \ CAT-i

usARbility - how to create unforgettable AR experiences

Phil Gosch \ Codeflügel

The value and the challenges of user experience in enterprise software

Alexander Lingg \ SAP

The Non Textbook Approach to learning software tools

Anudeep Ayyagari \ Amazon

The Ivory Towers We Sit In: Looking at inclusion through the lens of exclusion

Gülay Birand \ Facebook

The importance of Words. How does the language you think in affects your UX.

Panagiotis Zaharias \ theUXProdigy

The 5 Life Changing Secrets of UX

Heather Harrigan \ PwC

Telling the right stories helps boost usability

Derek Brookman \

Sonic Experiences: The New Dimension of UX

Mohan Krishnaraj \ HARMAN International (A Samsung Company)

Show Business Results with the Right UX Metrics

Kristin Zibell \ AnswerLab

Scaling user research

Rob Manzano \ Zalando SE

Research is not enough: Measuring human behaviour

Sadok Cervantes \ Wikipedia

Sadok Servantes Wikipedia

Politics of Enterprise UX: Managing team conflicts and getting stakeholder buy-in

Bansi Mehta \ Koru UX Design Inc


Johannes Robier \ youspi

Networking Breakfast

Johannes Robier \ youspi

Making the research strategy work

Ben Anyasodo \ Self employed

Make the user count: Measuring UX in Healthcare

Barbara Koop \ Philips Experience Design

Integrating Behavior Change Science into Human Centered Design

Ben Kertman \ Behavior Change Consultant

Humanizing privacy with power of UX

Ranjeet Tayi \ Informatica

How to build successful digital products with User Research

Cornelia Schuss \ Leoben.at

Getting User Stories Right - How to bridge the gap between what users need and products serve

Thomas Immich \ Centigrade

Driver Interaction tracking in a real car environment

Alexander Stocker \ Virtual Vehicle

Developing Design Intuition of 140+ Design Talents

Yoel Sumitro \ Bukalapak

Design Declutter: Taming Data

Sabina Krishna \ Human Factors Research & Design

Design Critique

Jan Kiekeben \ XING

Creating a human-centred innovation methodology

Anish Joshi \ Shell

Big data - small screen: Showing exactly the right amount of data to your users.

Johannes Lehner \ Intact GmbH

Between organization and client: How can the UX team become a focal point of both

Noam Mor \ Cyber Security Company

Balance between Data and UX

Monika Khanna \ IBM

Applying UX Psychology to High Risk Procedures

Klaus Hofer \ CAT-i