We proudly present you our first bunch of speeches for the World Usability Congress 2019. In total we will present more than 30 talks in four parallel tracks, 4 keynotes and 3 workshop-style masterclasses.

UX Makes AI Smarter

Gülay Birand \ Google

Thrill me! User Exicment: How to compete global player in e-commerce

Jürgen Blematl \ aurena.at

The Mobility Revolution: Enhancing the Relationship with Your Car

Olaf Preissner \ Luxoft

The future is dark... but is it still usable?

Skot Carruth \ Philosophie

Talk to me: Now, Future & Best Practice for Voice UX

Adi Mazor Kario \ Wizard Product Design & UX

Promotion Experience in Chinese e-Commerce

Minqing Zhou \ Alibaba Group

Practical Futuring

Alex Wright \ Instagram

On the Road: Best Practices for Autonomous Experiences

Carol Smith \ UBER

No More Reports! How to create impact with UX Research

Niveen Sayeed \ Medallia

How Robotic Process Automation and UX/UI have impact on each other

Pawel Lenart \ Tricentis RPA

Fluid automated driving experience

Paolo Pretto \ Virtual Vehicle Research Center

Eight learnings from institutionalizing UX in an organization from scratch

Stefan Bauer \ Talent Garden Austria

Designing and developing a personality for AI and robots. Why? How? What?

Simon Rosenqvist \ Combine A/S

Design-Ops: Establishing Operational Excellence and Designing for Scale

Clemens Posch \ Parkside

Design for Healthcare

Reinoud Bosman \ Philips Design

Design and Dark Matter, how to connect storytelling and business outcomes

Trip O’Dell \ Dark Matter

Data driven UX in the dark

Tomasz Pieta \ Booking.com

A UX Strategy that works: exploring the components of a good UX strategy in private and public sectors

Ben Anyasodo \

Strive to survive: Designing immersive experiences

Dobrian Dobrev \ Coca Cola

Robot Love; Using AI to enhance the user experience

Mirjam Wouters \ Philip Research

Basics of Psychology - Deep Dive into the Human Brain

Martina Mitz \