Floater, Swimmers and Divers- Knowing and understanding your Users to create the strongest communication connection.

Wednesday, Oct 11th.


Key Learnings

Workshop participants will be invited to first brainstorm and create a new type of interactive Family Museum and then design various museum activities that work for the “Floaters, Swimmers and Divers.”

Knowing the specific desires and needs of all your users and how to design with all users in mind.

Using timeless storytelling as a way of connecting with all your users, creating a strong emotional bond to your product or service.

Utilizing the Concept of “Universal Design ” which is designing for all age groups and their physical and cognitive abilities.

Communication your message with Clarity and KISS -Keep It Simple Stupid!


Joe Lanzisero
Joe Lanzisero

Creative Consultant

Lanzisero Creative


“Floaters, Swimmers and Divers” will focus on the different understanding of your users and how to tailor your communication and design efforts to the various levels of user engagement and understanding. Some users have a high level of interest and understanding of a product or experience (Divers) while others only have a surface interest and desire (Floaters), and those in between (Swimmers). I will use actual case studies from my long career at Disney to demonstrate how we create experiences that work for all levels of age and understanding.