Industrial UX

Creating a safe and efficient working environment

11th October

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Share and learn from our speakers how to design “Human-machine” interfaces and optimize the operating and process safety of machines and systems.

Key Learnings

Improve task and decision making.

Support quick implementations and updates to lines.

Decrease need for training, documentation and support to workforce flexibility.

Create secure enviroment.

The ability to compare performance across lines and terminals.

Increase line visibility for management and rapid response to identified issues.




Opening & Welcome


From virtual to reality

How UX design finds its way into the manufacturing industry.

Thomas Bayer
Department Manager Product
Anton Paar

See me, feel me, touch me, hear me …

How to incorporate a good measure of surrounding factors, in the right places to create functioning services for relevant users.

Stefan Barac
Head of Human Centered Design

Manufacturing Experience Design

Manufacturers are aggressively pursuing digital transformation to solve for Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) convergence, Integrated Supply Chain disruptions, and more connected and remote operations.

Tim Scanlon
Global Head of Customer Experience
Rockwell Automation

Applying the Behavioural Sciences to to Operating Procedures

Thousands of people die every year on the job. Countless rules are written, regulatory compliance is enforced, but people are still losing their lives. In 2020, over 5000 people in the US alone lost their lives while at work.

Klaus Hofer
Chief Executive Officer
CAT-i Communications And Training International

More speakers coming soon…