The HCD Sustainability Canvas

Wednesday, Oct 11th. 10:30-11:15


Key Learnings

Understand the nature of the HCD Sustainability Canvas.

Know the difference of direct and indirect effects.

How to apply the Canvas in the Context of Use within a project.


Clemens Lutsch
Clemens Lutsch

Managing Partner

swohlwahr GmbH & Co KG


Sustainability is an emerging concept in projects and system development. In order to achieve the stability goals it’s principles have to be applied within an holistic approach quote similar to the human centered design. According to international standards sustainability is a dimension of human centered design – with the understanding that without sustainability there can be no human-centered solutions. The Human-centered Design Sustainability canvas examines the different Sustainability Development Goals of the UN early on in product and portfolio planning, thus providing another perspective in addition to business planning or technology driven product innovation. It applies an ethical approach in assessing and documenting direct and indirect effects in system design and exposes critical intended context of uses, preconditions or constraints.