The Behavioral Design Workshop

Wednesday, Oct 11th.


Key Learnings

Generational differences.

The impact of social norms.

Habit formation and conditioned responses.

How self-stories influence behavior.

Vision and the brain and how to grab attention.

The behavior Design Model and how to use it to achieve your behavioral design goals.

How people make decisions.

Instincts and behavior.

When rewards do and don’t work.

Cognitive biases and how they affect behavior.

How to encourage the desire for mastery as a motivator.


Susan Weinschenk
Susan Weinschenk

Behavioral Design and UX Consultant

The Team W

Guthrie Weinschenk
Guthrie Weinschenk

Behavioural Design and UX Consultant

The Team W


Learn how to apply recent research in brain and behavioral science and behavioral economics to engage, encourage, and persuade the people that use your products and services. In this workshop we share the latest research on what grabs and holds attention, how people make decisions, how context affects behavior, and what motivates people to take action.

The workshop is intense, informative, full of science and a lot of fun. You will learn and practice how to apply behavioral psychology and behavioral economics to the design of your products, services, and spaces so that people will be engaged and persuaded to take specific action.